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Emergency Tree Removal Services in Wilmington

Stein Tree Service Announces Storm Aid Program for Emergency Tree Removal Services

Wilmington, DE – December 21, 2017 – Stein Tree Service has announced that now is the time to take advantage of their Storm Aid Program, which can save homeowners both stress and money on emergency tree removal services in Wilmington, DE. Stein Tree Service’s Storm Aid Programs could save homeowners thousands of dollars on emergency tree removal services this winter. With predictions of heavy snow and ice looming, homeowners are advised to be prepared.Read More

frosty tree - winter tree care in Wilmington DE - Stein Tree

Protecting Trees from Frost is Part of Good Winter Tree Care in Wilmington, DE

Did you know that frost damage is the single largest cause of weather-related economic loss to crops in the United States? Outside of the agriculture business, tree care in Wilmington, DE and plant replacement following frost can get expensive. In addition, losing plants to a sudden freeze is disheartening, especially when the dying plant happens to be your favorite tree.Read More

tree trimming and pruning in Newark DE 800

How Old Should a Tree be Before Pruning and Other Tree Trimming and Pruning Questions

On a residential or commercial property, tree trimming and pruning is important for tree health. While trees in a forest may die as a result of overgrowth or infections with no one noticing, in our neighborhoods the health of trees has a big impact. A diseased branch could fall and harm our property or persons. A canopy that is too crowded can cause fungi to develop, harming the health and aesthetics of an area. Overgrown trees can also lower visibility from the street.Read More

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