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Tree Care in Newark, DE: Winter Tree Problems

Tree care in Newark, DE is an all year activity. During winters in the Northeast, many species of trees and shrubs go dormant and stop producing new branch and leaf growth. In some ways, this dormancy is similar to certain mammals, such as grizzly bears that hibernate throughout the coldest months and wait for the spring to jump back into activity. However, trees are unlike these animals in that they are unable to move to a safe and snug hideaway and are often exposed to the most intense of weather conditions.

Harsh winters in Delaware can be quite stressful on trees, particularly on young and newly replanted ones. One key aspect of tree care in Wilmington, DE is inspecting trees throughout the winter to ensure they are successfully withstanding the wind, weather, and other exterior forces.

Three Common Problems for Winter Tree Care in Newark, DE

Winter Drought

Winter drought most commonly impacts northeastern evergreens. This type of drying out happens when trees lose more water than they can absorb because the soil is either frozen or simply too cold for normal processes. Symptoms of winter drought include a browning of the tree’s leaves and twig and branch dieback. To avoid this, proper tree care in Newark requires regular fertilizing and watering before the dormant season to promote tree health. A thick layer of mulch may also help prevent soil moisture loss and reduce risks of freezing.

Sun Scalding

Winter sun scalding is most common during clear, sunny winter days when the sun shines directly on a tree’s trunk and warms the tree up, triggering a growth response. Once the sun sets and the temperature drops again, the new tissue growth is susceptible to damage, and the tree is at risk of cracking and splitting. Sunscald can sometimes be prevented with reflective tree wraps.


Bagworms do their damage during the summer when the larvae hatch and feed on your beautiful greenery. In the winter when the branches are bare, take time to inspect your trees to look for the tear-drop shaped bags where bagworm eggs reside. Removing them at this point is simple and will help prevent summer infestation.

Contact Stein Tree Service For Professional Tree Care in Newark, DE

For help in ensuring your trees and shrubbery survive the winter and thrive in the spring, contact our team of professional tree care specialists and certified arborists. At Stein Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing skilled tree care in Newark, DE and surrounding areas.

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Tree Care in West Chester: Four Common Evergreen Tree Issues

Evergreens are a popular staple in home landscaping and tree care in West Chester, PA. People love that evergreens come in so many shapes and sizes, offer an assortment of berries and flowers and provide visual interest in dreary winter months.

While evergreen varieties are exceptionally hardy, they require some tree care in West Chester as they are susceptible to certain diseases and pest issues. The following is a quick guide to several common evergreen tree problems to be aware of:

Common Evergreen Tree Problems in West Chester

Cytospora Canker

Older or stressed trees, or those which have been injured are most susceptible to this disease. Cankers will begin and will appear as sunken dead patches on the bark that lead out onto branches to brown or yellow needles. The dead bark patches may drip resin or have a film of fungus growing over them. If left unmitigated, the cankers will spread to larger and older branches until the tree dies. The best way to resolve this issue is to perform timely tree trimming and pruning of young branches when they are first infected.

Needle Rust

As the name suggests, needle rust is a type of fungal disease affecting spruce trees that has the appearance of rust. Look for powdery orange, red, and/or yellow fungal spores on newly cast needles during the springtime. Generally, this fungus will begin on the underside of young branches and will slowly progress to the top until the tree dies. Trees can be saved if the symptoms are caught early and the infected limbs are trimmed away. However, sometimes the tree may need to be removed to prevent spreading of the infection to other nearby evergreens.

Rhizosphaera Needlecast

With this tree issue, young year-old needles turn lavender in color, with small black fungi spores appearing on the undersides of needle patches. Infected needles will fall to the ground and spores can spread to other nearby evergreens. This disease is slow-moving; needles can take as long as 15 months to show physical symptoms of an infection. Needlecast is deadly for young trees but generally will leave mature trees only disfigured as branches die off in three or four years. Resolving this disease will take a combination of smart landscaping and special fungicide applied regularly.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are very destructive and have been known to attack spruce, pine, juniper, arborvitae, hemlock, and Douglas-fir trees. In the winter, the eggs lay at the base of needs and around bud scales. When active, in the spring through fall, the mites remove fluid from the needles when feeding. Needles take on a yellow or speckled color, eventually turning rust-colored and dropping. Homeowners may notice spider threads on the needles as well. Treatment for the mites is insecticides, which must be administered carefully to avoid poisoning other plants or bodies of water.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Skilled Tree Care in West Chester, PA

Stein Tree Service can diagnose or resolve tree problems, as well as handle regular tree care in West Chester, PA. Our professional certified arborists and tree care specialists are experienced with evergreens and other tree types and provide skilled care for trees in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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Will Insurance Pay for Hazardous Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE?

We all love our trees. From branching maples and red oaks to colorful dogwood trees, trees provide a myriad of benefits and improve the look and feel of a property. However, even the hardiest tree can fall victim to disease and old age and what once was a beautiful addition to your property may now be a hazardous object. If you have a dead, dying, or dangerously placed tree, you may be wondering about tree removal in Wilmington, DE and whether your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the service.

Insurance Guidelines for Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

In general, most homeowners insurance companies are unwilling to pay to have a dead or dying tree removed from a property unless the tree has already fallen and caused damage, and even then, they may only pay for part of the costs.

Homeowners should avoid waiting for nature to simply take its course with hazardous trees. Waiting for dangerous trees to fall on their own may save you some removal costs; but waiting is a dangerous game as a falling tree can seriously injure people and pets, or cause massive expensive damage to property that can take a long time to repair. Additionally, should a homeowner be aware of a hazardous tree and fail to have the tree removed in a timely manner, the homeowner may be found personally liable for damage/injury should the tree fall.

Therefore, the best advice we offer Wilmington and surrounding Delaware residents is to have any suspicious looking trees properly inspected by a certified arborist as soon as possible. Tree trimming and the removal of dangerous trees is considered by insurance policies to be a part of routine homeowner maintenance. In some cases, our team may be able to trim back or prune away parts of a diseased or overgrown tree to reduce the risk of harm to people or property. In cases where emergency tree removal in Wilmington DE is necessary, Stein Tree Service is available 24/7 and responds quickly.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Diseased and dying trees can have catastrophic impacts should they fall on your property. If you are unsure about the health and well-being of any tree on your property, contact us for an inspection by a certified arborist. Our team is skilled both in mitigation of hazardous trees, via bracing or pruning, as well as the complete removal of dead or dying plant life. Our innovative Storm Aid program could save you thousands in the event of a need for emergency tree removal.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Wilmington, DE Prepares Trees for Winter

According to the Farmers Almanac and other extended forecasts, the Pennsylvania and Delaware area is due for a cold and snowy winter season. While such snow-filled promises are great news for outdoor enthusiasts, such predictions are less cheery for those of us who have beloved older trees or newer transplants to take care of. Old and young growths will need some care if they are to survive winter and thrive in the spring. One key part of this tree care involves timely tree trimming and pruning in Wilmington, DE.

The late fall and early winter months are considered the start of the dormant season for trees. The dormant season is when tree growth is temporarily slowed down as the plant prepares for the long winter without leaves that perform important life-generating activities. Most experts agree that the ideal time for tree trimming and pruning is during this dormant stage. The following is a quick look at some of the key reasons that we recommend such timely tree trimming:

Reasons to Trim & Prune Trees in Late Fall

Support Disease Management

Many common tree diseases are carried and spread by insects that are more prevalent during warmer weather months. When you trim and prune during the winter, you are much less likely to attract those insects and their diseases. Pruning your tree before winter also makes it easier to spot the early warning signs of certain diseases; the arborist might note some of those signs, which are more apparent on bare trees.

Promote Tree Health Through the Winter and into Spring

Late fall trimming and pruning in Wilmington, DE involves getting rid of weak, damaged and brittle branches that are at risk of falling and potentially damaging the tree or your property in a storm. Homeowners who have large branches overhanging their home, garage, deck, or other structures and walkways should ask specifically about late fall trimming and pruning to clear dangerous limbs out in order to protect themselves and their property.

Reduce Leaf Clean-up

If you hate raking your property every other week in the fall, now is a great time to call the professional arborists at Stein Tree Service. Our team will carefully and cleanly take out problem branches and thin trees to improve overall health, with the added benefit of reducing your late fall leaf clean up. Trimming before all of the leaves fall is also beneficial for reducing gutter build up where limbs overhang your Wilmington area home.

Stein Tree Offers Trimming and Pruning in Wilmington DE and Surrounding Areas

Stein Tree Service offers skilled tree care in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. For more information about tree trimming and pruning in Wilmington, DE, or to receive an estimate from experienced certified arborists for your property, contact us today.

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Make a Positive First Impression with Commercial Tree Services

Timely, routine, and professional commercial tree service is imperative for two primary reasons: Aesthetics and Liability. The landscape in front and around your business door is the first thing many of your clients will notice when they step foot onto your property. Ensure those potential customers get a powerful first impression with manicured lawns and well-trimmed shrubs and trees.Read More

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Fall Maintenance Tips: Tips for Tree Trimming and Pruning in West Chester, PA

One reason to love living in West Chester, PA is the beauty of the autumn season. As September comes and changes into October, the trees throughout our neighborhoods and the forests beyond begin transforming into a fantastic display of reds, oranges, purples, and even golds. This seasonal change is something our team of arborists always looks forward to when tree trimming and pruning in West Chester, PA. Read More

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Tree Care In Wilmington DE: What if Summer Storms Have Damaged your Tree?

Post-storm care is an essential aspect of prompt and proper tree care in Wilmington DE, and is particularly important during these late summer and early autumn months. Because while the Southeast’s hurricanes and tropical storms dominate the national news waves, in the north we have our own notorious nor’easters and other howling thunderstorms to worry about from September to April. The following is a quick look at what professional arborists inspect and recommend following a large storm:Read More

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Tree Care in West Chester: Fall Is a Great Time to Plant Trees

Though the arrival of fall announces the end of the growing season, in West Chester, PA, homeowners know that fall is a great time to plant trees! The tree and plant health care professionals at Stein Tree Service care about your tree care in West Chester, PA. Though spring may be a favored time for planting trees, planting in the fall can help you have healthy, thriving trees in your landscape next summer.Read More

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Advantages of Land Clearing and Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Stein Tree Service performs residential as well as commercial brush clearing and tree removal in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas. You may think that this type of service is only needed by developers when building new residences, however, the practice is beneficial for other reasons as well.Read More

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